• Vi-Tel Wireless Banners

DistanceWeb had the opportunity to work with a phenomenal startup Vi-Tel Wireless.  In addition to helping with general HTML, CSS and other site programming, we’ve also delveloped some graphic design elements for the home page.

Vi-Tel Wireless offers services directly to consumers, so parts of the website are dedicated to allowing consumers to shop and purchase direct.

The other opportunity Vi-Tel offers is a Network Marketing opportunity for sales professionals to re-sell the suite of Vi-Tel products.

The rotating banner illustrations DistanceWeb created are intended for this second audience.

Both of these design elements key on elements of business opportunity and success.  Both leverage the logs of Vi-Tel’s approved partnerships, and when placed on the site itself, two call to action buttons are overlayed in the negative space in the left, vertical center area.

Check them out at vitelwireless.com today.

Looking for a graphic or website design work to amp up your website??  Contact us, we’d love to help!

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